The Fifth Paper in the Series of Submissions Made by the ICLB to the OHCHR OISL: The Conflict in Sri Lanka with the LTTE in Eelam IV


In the fifth paper submitted by the International Criminal Law Bureau (ICLB) to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) concerning its investigation on Sri Lanka (OISL), the ICLB examined the challenges the Government of Sri Lanka faced in counter terrorism activities against the LTTE and the Government’s decision to protect civilians during the conflict known as Eelam IV. The paper considered the Government’s need to balance the demands of military necessity with humanitarian concerns, including the difficulties posed by LTTE cadres dressed and posing as civilians or claiming to surrender. The last section of the paper provides an international comparative analysis of civilian deaths in other recent conflicts. See the links below for the submission and list of annexes.

Draft 5 – The Conflict in Sri Lanka with the LTTE in Eelam IV with Signature 0. Index to Attachments for Report 5

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