Evidence Challenges in International Criminal Law, 1700 GMT, 1 March 2021

22nd February 2021

The webinar ‘Evidence Challenges in International Criminal Law’ will be held at 1700 GMT, on 1 March 2021. Please click here for full details.


19th January 2021

The webinar ‘The Influence of the Narrative in International Criminal Trials’ will be held at 1700 GMT, on 1 February 2021. Please click here for full details.

UPDATED: Extradition to the EU-27 under the UK/EU Trade & Cooperation Agreement: similarities and ten key differences

4th January 2021

Stefan Hyman & Jonathan Swain set out the implications of the new cooperation agreement. Read the full article here. The Position as of 31st December 2020 Since the initial publication of this article on the new criminal cooperation measures between the EU27 and the UK (on 28 December 2020), there have been several developments in… Read more »

Joshua Kern, Dov Jacobs and Daniel Reisner co-author post on the Oslo Accords and the ICC at Opinio Juris

4th January 2021

Joshua Kern and Dov Jacobs have co-authored a post with Daniel Reisner on the relevance and applicability of the Oslo Accords at the ICC. The post is available here.

Extradition to the EU-27 under the UK/EU Trade & Cooperation Agreement: similarities and ten key differences

29th December 2020

Jonathan Swain and Stefan Hyman take a detailed look at the replacement to the EAW scheme coming into force at the end of the Brexit Transition Period in an article published on Crimeline’s Extradition Hub.

Steven Kay QC & David Hughes Instructed by HRAS in Matter Concerning Death of Fishing Observer

8th December 2020

Steven Kay QC and David Hughes have been instructed by Human Rights at Sea (HRAS) in a matter concerning the death of a fishing observer from the Pacific Republic of Kiribati, whilst on board a Taiwanese vessel. Contradictory reports ofthe cause of death have led to the instruction of 9 Bedford Row counsel by HRAS…. Read more »

International People’s Tribunal established to investigate Iran atrocities

23rd November 2020

Aban Tribunal is ‘urgent and necessary’ to give justice and accountability for the victims’ families, says Justice for Iran An international People’s Tribunal, the Aban Tribunal, to investigate atrocities that took place in Iran exactly one year ago has been established as an initiative of Justice for Iran, Iran Human Rights and the world coalition… Read more »

Gillian Higgins Launches 8-week Online Everyday Mindfulness Course

9th November 2020

Gillian Higgins, international barrister at The Chambers of 9 Bedford Row has just launched an 8-week online Everyday Mindfulness course. Based on her original lockdown sessions from April-June, the course is packed with videos, meditations, practices, hints and tips. To find out more, contact Gillian at www.gillianhiggins.co.uk