• The Push Back Situation in Australia – ‘Operation Sovereign Borders’ and ‘Stop the Boats’

    Operation Soverign Borders

    THE PUSH BACK SITUATION IN AUSTRALIA A CASE STUDY ON HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES FOR INDONESIAN MIGRANTS AND REFUGEES TRYING TO SEEK REFUGE IN AUSTRALIA David Hammond & Andrea Tang 10 September 2014   PDF VERSION: 20140910-HRAS_Case_Study_The Push Back Situation in Australia   INTRODUCTION “This is a test of wills and Australia has lost. What counts is… Read more »

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  • Collective Responsibility: The Notion of Prosecuting of Organizations Under International Law

    Bangladesh Liberation

    By Toby M. Cadman and Lennart Poulsen The Government of Bangladesh has consistently stated that the legal framework of the International Crimes Tribunal, a national institution established in March 2010 to deal with atrocities committed during the 1971 War of Liberation, meets the highest international standards and is founded on the ‘Nuremberg Principles’.   It has… Read more »

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  • The Human Rights at Sea international initiative contributes to the German Federal Government’s initiative “Charter of the Future – One World – Our Responsibility” by invitation as part of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals

    2_HumanRightsSea-1001 REDUCED

      The HRAS international initiative is strongly represented in Germany. Its engagement with and by the German Federal Government has been a leading example of direct European engagement on the international issue of promoting human rights at sea, associated good governance and best practice for human rights in the maritime environment. The crucial importance of… Read more »

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  • The Bar Association of San Francisco, the Center for Justice and Accountability and 9 Bedford Row International hosts seminar on Bangladesh War Crimes Trials


    Justice Denied: The Bangladesh International Crimes Tribunals On 13 August 2014 I was privileged to be invited to speak at the Bar Association of San Francisco at a conference entitled ‘Justice Defeated: Bangladesh International Crimes Tribunal.  The conference was chaired by Almudena Bernabeu from the Center for Justice and Accountability (http://www.cja.org) and took the form… Read more »

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  • The Exercise of Punitive Measures – Justified under Israeli Law but a Violation of International Law?

    Israel demolition

    Israel has for some time been condemned for its approach to civilians in the West Bank and Gaza, and yet it still maintains that they are committed to lasting peace and reconciliation. It continues to maintain that it is acting in reasonable self defence against a militant group and describes the Israeli Defence Force (IDF)… Read more »

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  • HRAS announces the commencement of an independent investigation into the murders of seafarers in international waters

    Basic CMYK

    HRAS announces the commencement of an independent investigation into the murders of seafarers in international waters   HRAS is being supported by the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) of the International Chamber of Commerce, Quintel Intelligence, Globus Intelligence as part of the Globus Foundation, New Zealand and southern hemisphere NGOs. HRAS Founder and 9BRi barrister, David Hammond, stated that:… Read more »

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  • Human Rights at Sea Founder comments on YouTube footage of murder of seafarers in international waters on TVNZ One News and Voice of America

    HRAS-MURDER001-Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 00.30.50

      David Hammond, Founder of the Human Rights at Sea (HRAS) International initiative and barrister at 9BRi speaks on TVNZ One News breakfast show to answer questions over the recently posted YouTube footage depicting the murder of seafarers in international waters. HRAS is closely following the issue as investigations are being conducted by Fijian authorities… Read more »

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  • Press Release by the Cordoba Foundation and 9 Bedford Row International


    * Toby Cadman of 9 Bedford Row International have even instructed to represent the Cordoba Foundation following the HSBC Bank UK’s decision to terminate the banking facilities of the Foundation, its Director and members of his family.  The following joint press release was issued on 4 August 2014   Response to HSBC Closure of The Cordoba Foundation Bank Account  … Read more »

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