9BR Chambers Granted Law Firm Status Before the Dubai International Financial Court 


Following Gary Summers’ Part  2 registration as an advocate at the DubaiInternational Financial Court (DIFC) in Dubai, 9BR Chambers has now been granted law firm status under Part 1, entitling chambers and those with a license to litigate in chambers to issue proceedings in theDIFC. 

TheDIFC is designed to provide a unique, independent legal and regulatory framework. 

DIFC courts are special courts in Dubai established to serve the international institutions operating in the city and the UAE and administer a unique English language common law systemto deliver swift and independent justice for settling local and international civil and commercial disputes. 

Chambers address in Dubai is: 

9BR Chambers 

PO Box 451582 



To find out more about the work of the Court, click here: https://www.difccourts.ae  

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