9 Bedford Row Report on the Egyptian Experience of the Muslim Brotherhood in Power


Today 9 Bedford Row International released its report entitled “The Egyptian Experience of the Muslim Brotherhood in Power 2012 – 2013”. The report is the second in a series of reports commissioned by the State Lawsuit (Litigation) Authority of Egypt which aim to present an independent and comprehensive review of the Muslim Brotherhood and its allied groups and organisations.The first report, entitled “The History of the Muslim Brotherhood” was released on 2 April 2015. Further reports are due for completion in 2015 including a report on “The Egyptian Revolution against the Muslim Brotherhood 2013.” 

This second report provides an overview of the presidency of Mohamed Morsi and an analysis of the key events that unfolded during the Muslim Brotherhood’s year in power that brought about its eventual downfall.

The report reviews the Egyptian presidential election campaign of 2012 and discusses the various presidential candidates, their campaign policies and performance during the election campaign.

The report discusses the key decisions taken by the Morsi government and reviews the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in key decisions made by Morsi during his presidency, including the appointment of key cabinet members and local governors affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood that led to the suppression of a wide range of civil rights and freedoms.

Furthermore, the report examines the consequences of the government’s actions and the public protests that resulted in its eventual downfall, as well as a brief discussion of the impact and legacy of the Muslim Brotherhood’s rule on Egypt.

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