Letter on Russian Sanctions by Steven Kay KC Published in The Times

22nd June 2023

Steven Kay KC’s letter in The Times today, criticises the use of sanctions to support foreign policy objectives, pioneered by the United States, as undermining the rule of law. https://edition.pagesuite.com/popovers/dynamic_article_popover.aspx?artguid=3ff4784d-fe10-4c24-886c-461bbc407a74

9BR Chambers Granted Law Firm Status Before the Dubai International Financial Court 

2nd May 2023

Following Gary Summers’ Part  2 registration as an advocate at the Dubai International Financial Court (DIFC) in Dubai, 9BR Chambers has now been granted law firm status under Part 1, entitling chambers and those with a license to litigate in chambers to issue proceedings in the DIFC.  The DIFC is designed to provide a unique, independent legal and… Read more »

Gary Summers now authorised to represent clients before the DIFC

16th February 2023

Gary Summers is now authorised to represent clients before the Dubai International Financial Court (DIFC). The Dubai International Financial Court is designed to provide a unique, independent legal and regulatory framework.   Created in 2004, the DIFC courts are special courts in Dubai established to serve the international institutions operating in the city and the UAE. DIFC Courts administer a unique English… Read more »

9BR Launches Cultural Heritage Desk

2nd February 2023

This month, 9BR Chambers launches its Cultural Heritage Desk. The international criminal law experience at 9BR Chambers has led to our expansion into this important area of work for our state clients, individuals and institutions.  Gillian Higgins, Head of the International Practice Group, leads the team with John Traversi, senior international barrister with wide experience of prosecuting serious… Read more »

Steven Kay KC Leads Team Working with the Libyan Asset Recovery Management Office, Tripoli

30th January 2023

Steven Kay KC leads a team to work with the Libyan Asset Recovery Management Office in Tripoli to start the project for the phased repatriation for the benefit of the Libyan people of assets that have been stolen, corruptly obtained or frozen under UN sanctions.  It is estimated that value of the internationally held frozen… Read more »

9BR International Practice Group Reception in The Hague

6th December 2022

9BR Chambers extends a heartfelt thank you to all those who supported and helped celebrate the re-opening of its Hague branch on 2nd December 2022. The event marked a great occasion to connect with past, present and new colleagues and friends.   Future events will be announced in the New Year including an upcoming lecture… Read more »

9BR Mission to Rome To Discuss Cultural Heritage

15th November 2022

9BR Chambers prepares a mission to Rome to meet officials, consultants and researchers to discuss recent developments and practice in cultural heritage law. Gillian Higgins and John Traversi will be accompanied by Dr Jessica Lepehne (conflict researcher) and Steven Martin (leading investigator) on 21st and 22nd November 2022.

International People’s Tribunal on Iran’s Atrocities returns its Judgment; Colleen Rohan on panel

5th October 2022

On 30 September 2022, the panel of judges for the International People’s Tribunal on Iran’s Atrocities (the Aban Tribunal) returned its judgment finding that in November 2019, during nationwide protests against policies of the Iranian government, government security forces committed crimes against humanity throughout the country directed at its own population. Those crimes included murder,… Read more »