“Working with Maritime Security Guards” – 9 BRi Maritime Practice assists in the development of the industry training video including the 100 Series Rules for the Use of Force


9 Bedford Row International’s Maritime Practice has been involved in the development of the maritime industry training video and workbook entitled “WORKING WITH MARITIME SECURITY GUARDS”. This included the legal advice for and use of the 100 Series Rules for the Use of Force as authored by David Hammond.


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Produced by the award winning VideoTel company with over 40 years experience of providing training media and distance learning products for the maritime industry, the video adds to the extensive VideoTel catalogue of international training materials.

The video trailer can be viewed HERE on the home page of the 100 Series Rules.

The Product

As part of their anti piracy measures, many shipping companies now employ armed security guards aboard vessels that transit pirate waters.

However, there are legal and safety risks associated with the use of armed guards, and it is vital to choose a Private Maritime Security Company (PMSC) that offers highly competent and professionally trained guards who have experience in protecting ships against pirate attacks.

WORKING WITH MARITIME SECURITY GUARDS is intended to give shipping companies and personnel on board ship useful guidance on how to engage and work successfully with armed guards, from selecting the PMSC through to the guards’ disembarkation at the end of their deployment. It is a companion programme to Videotel’s PIRACY AND ARMED ROBBERY, EDITION 3, which deals with piracy prevention on board ship.

Because piracy is a fast-changing, geographically diverse and politically sensitive crime, the programme does not go into detail about individual territorial waters. Instead, it concentrates on the key aspects that relate to working with armed guards, using a transit through the Indian Ocean High Risk Area (HRA) as an example.

The learning points are conveyed in a documentary style, illustrating the work of PMSC operations centres ashore, and guards’ teams deployed on board ship. First-hand accounts of the practical issues involved in working with security guards are given by a Company Security Officer, a PMSC Operations Manager and a guards’ Team Leader in interview.

Target Audience

Primary: Company Security Officers (CSOs)
Secondary: Masters and senior officers

Main Topics

  • Selecting a Private Maritime Security Company (PMSC)
  • Planning the guards’ deployment
  • Working and living together
  • Responding to a threat


For further information contact:

David Hammond

David Hammond

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