UN Security Council Urged to Act Against Rwanda


The United Nations Security Council is being urged by the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi to take action against Rwanda, which they accuse of recruiting refugees in order to overthrow Burundi’s current President, Pierre Nkurunziza.

Albert Shingiro, Burundi’s UN Ambassador, has called for a council meeting to “take appropriate action to ensure that the Rwandan government does not engage in any act designed to destabilize Burundi”.

Separately, the Ambassador for the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ignace Gata Mavita, has requested the Security Council to “condemn without delay” Rwanda’s actions and press the country to bring recruitment to an end.

It has previously been reported by a UN panel of experts that Rwanda had recruited refugees, including children, and provided them with two months of military training with a view to ousting President Nkurunziza.

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Image source: www.unmultimedia.org

Text source: www.africanews.com – 19th February 2016

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