UN Mission in Kosovo Remains Dedicated to Stability, Political Progress and Respect for Human Rights


The Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Kosovo and Head of UNMIK (United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo), Zahir Tanin has called on the UN Security Council for continued support for his mission. He maintained that UNMIK remains dedicated to promoting stability, political progress and respect for human rights within Kosovo.

Tanin told the Council that: “Leaders in Pristina and Belgrade continue to demonstrate a far-sighted commitment to putting the interests of the people first.” He also made it clear that despite problems in recent months, he recognized on both sides “…an underlying resolve to overcome some of the most difficult issues affecting mutual relations through dialogue. The gains, however, face continuous challenges which affect full and timely implementation of agreements, as demonstrated during the most recent days.”

One of the problems Tanin refers to involves members of the opposition allegedly releasing tear gas in parliamentary sessions.

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For US Secretary of State John Kerry’s comments on the ‘tear gas protests’ made during his recent visit to Kosovo, click the link below:


Image source: assets.digital.cabinet-office.gov.uk

Text source: UN.org (November 19th, 2015)

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