UN High Commissioner for Human Rights States that People Committing War Crimes Must Not Be Covered by Amnesty


The United Nations High Commissioner for Human rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, has expressed the view that people who commit war crimes and crimes against humanity, such as those behind the starvation of people in Syria, should be prosecuted and not covered by any amnesty.

By way of example, Al Hussein highlighted what is said to be the starvation of people in the Syrian town of Madaya, and the siege of 15 other towns and cities, stating that this was “not just a war crime but a crime against humanity if proven in court.”

The High Commissioner told a recent news briefing that: “in the case of Syria, we are there to remind everyone that where there are allegations that reach the threshold of war crimes or crimes against humanity that amnesties are not permissible.”

Image source: globalmemo.org

Text source: Reuters (1st February 2016)

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