The future of international justice systems


Opening of the Legal Year 2019

Bar Leaders’ Discussion

Tuesday 1 October, 14.30-16.30, House of Lords, Committee Room G

Title: “The future of international justice systems”

Topics for discussion:

a. International Criminal Justice (14.35 – 15.10)

– looking at the situation of the ICC and the special tribunals (e.g. Lebanon)


  • Stephen Kay QC
  • Jill Marshall, Consultant at Bindmans
  • Allen Gichuhi, President of the Law Society of Kenya

b. International Economic Justice (15.10 – 15.50)

e.g. US boycott of the WTO Tribunals – future of the WTO Dispute Resolution System, ICSID debate

  • Alastair Sutton, Brick Court Chambers
  • Shai Wade, partner, Stephenson Harwood LLP
  • Elizabeth Espinosa, President of the Law Society of New South Wales

c. International Environmental Justice (15.50-16.25)

– no global body in place – what might be done? Are other courts able to deliver this?

  • Stephen Hockman QC
  • Matthew Renshaw, Leigh Day
  • Issouf Baadhio, President of the UIA


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