The Eighth Paper in the Series of Submissions by the ICLB to the OHCHR OISL: Combatting Terrorism and the Rescue of a People – the Media Evidence


In the eighth paper submitted by the International Criminal Law Bureau (ICLB) to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) concerning its investigation on Sri Lanka (OISL), the ICLB produced extensive film evidence relevant to the scale of the terrorist activities of the LTTE in its 30-year campaign against the Sri Lankan people. This evidence establishes the capability of the LTTE as a ruthless fighting force and the measures it took to kill, maim and destroy innocent people.

The methods by which the LTTE controlled and used the Tamil people are also revealed in many of the clips that also show how young people were abducted into their forces and indoctrinated to become killers. The evidence demonstrates the scale of the task that the Government of

Sri Lanka (GOSL) faced and its responsibility to bring an end to the terrorism of the LTTE.

See the link below for the submission.

Media Draft

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