Steven Kay QC Seminar on International Criminal Law for Kingsley Napley – 4th May


On the 4th May 2017 Steven Kay QC is to take part in a seminar on international criminal law for renowned law firm Kingsley Napley. This event is by invitation only and will take place at 17:30.

The seminar will take the form of an interview by Jonathan Grimes of Steven Kay QC to cover his experiences in practice at the ICTY, ICTR, ICC and other international legal matters in which he has been involved. By this means the audience will be provided with a narrative of his practice in international criminal law which started with the trial of Dusko Tadic in 1996 at the ICTY and was the first trial by a UN created court of a person accused of war crimes and the first international criminal trial since that of the IMT at Nuremberg in 1945.


The learning objectives are to inform practitioners of:

  1. The development of a legal practice in modern international criminal law.
  2. The development of sources of law and the challenges a practitioner faces in the practice of international criminal law.
  3. The challenges in the collection of evidence for an international trial.
  4. The need to understand the politics behind an international trial.
  5. The role of witness protection measures in international trials for vulnerable witnesses
  6. The diversity of judges and their differing standards at the international courts and tribunals.
  7. The skills and training needed to develop an international criminal law practice.



28 April 2017

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