Steven Kay QC & Kirsty Sutherland IBA Inquiry on North Korea Media Coverage and Statement of IBA HRI Co-Chair


During the summit of President Trump with Kim Jung-un in Singapore the IBA Inquiry on North Korea Political Prisons for which Steven Kay QC & Kirsty Sutherland of 9 Bedford Row were counsel at an event held in Washington DC in December 2016 received extensive media coverage see:

NY Times
Law Society Gazette
Sydney Morning Herald

The Hon Michael Kirby of Australia Co-Chair of the IBA Human Rights Institute stated: “The events of recent days, including the Singapore Summit have made even more relevant and important the work of the IBA report on crimes against humanity in DPRK. Once again I express thanks and admiration for everyone who was involved in that project. Like most others, I am torn between the hope that something constructive for security, justice and humanitarian and human rights will come out of the dialogue. And my anxiety that no express mention has been made in the joint declaration of a commitment by DPRK to address the crimes against humanity and human rights breaches that are drawn to notice in the COI report and in the IBA report. We will just have to follow events from a distance and hope that there are good developments just around the corner.”


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