Steven Kay QC at IBA Annual Conference – Rome, 2018


Steven Kay QC spoke at the IBA Annual Conference in Rome today on:
The business link to international crime: individual and state liability under the arms sales treaty, the Palermo Convention on the financing of terrorism activities, and international criminal law.

The session covered the trafficking of persons to the illicit sale of counterfeits, drugs, weapons and antiquities. Data demonstrates a nexus between transnational organised crime and core international crimes (ie, war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide), as well as terrorism activities. Indeed, perpetrators of international crimes and terrorists alike often rely on the profits of transnational organised crime to fund and sustain their criminal activity. A plethora of international instruments, from treaties and conventions to United Nations Security Council Resolutions, have increasingly been impugned by the international community to combat this ‘business link’ to international criminal conduct. In the course of this discussion, participants will investigate states’ obligations under international law to prevent, suppress and punish international wrongful conduct connected with business activities within their jurisdiction, as well as under what instruments of international law states, individuals and corporations alike might be directly or indirectly liable for international crimes in connection with this ‘business link’.

Session Chair/Co-Chairs: Gregory Kehoe

Steven Kay QC 9 Bedford Row Chambers, London, England;


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