Second Set of North Korean Prison Camps Revealed


A recent Washington Post article has been published based on a report prepared by David Hawk and Amanda Mortwedt Oh detailing a second set of prison camps in North Korea, which exist alongside the political camps that were previously exposed by the United Nations. Both the report and the opinion piece reveal that these other camps are not only intended to hold people accused of political “crimes”, as decided upon by the state, but also those who have committed regular offences such as murder, assault and robbery.

The camps are run by the Ministry of People’s Security. The prisoners serve fixed terms, and are held incommunicado. As with the political camps, methods such as starvation and forced labor are allegedly used to ‘re-educate’ prisoners.

At last year’s International Bar Association’s Inquiry on Crimes Against Humanity in North Korean Political Prisons, David Hawk not only acted as an expert witness but also reviewed the report that 9 Bedford Row International members Kirsty Sutherland and Steven Kay QC contributed to.

Click below to access David and Amanda’s report, which has been released through HRNK (The Committee for Human Rights in North Korea):

Click here to read Kirsty and Steven’s Brief submitted to the IBA inquiry:

Click here to read the Washington Post’s opinion piece in full:


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Text source: – 5th November 2017

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