Saadi ​Gaddafi​ Claims His Human Rights Are Being Infringed


An article was made public earlier this week by Human Rights Watch (HRW) about its meeting with Saadi​ Gaddafi​, the son of Muammar Gaddafi. HRW spoke to the relative of the ex-Libyan dictator from a prison in Tripoli where he claims his human rights are being infringed.

​Saadi ​Gaddafi, 42, is charged with murdering a former trainer at Tripoli’s Al-Ittihad football club and his trial is currently in progress. He told HRW researchers that he had no legal representation during the pre​-​trial and investigation phase of his case, ​and ​was ​only ​able to appoint a lawyer ​at the beginning of his trial.

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To read the full Human Rights Watch article on their meeting with Saadi Khadafi, click the link below:

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Text source: – October 28th 2015

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