Liberal Democrat Manifesto, Brexit and Human Rights


Regarding Brexit and human rights, the UK’s Liberal Democrat party has promised the following in its 2017 General Election Manifesto:

“During negotiations, we are committed to use our strength in Parliament to press for keeping Britain as close as possible to Europe. Our priorities will include…”

  • Protection of rights for EU citizens and UK citizens: “We will press for the UK to unilaterally guarantee the rights of EU nationals in the UK, ending their ongoing uncertainty. We will call for the overhaul and simplification of the registration process and the requirements for EU nationals to obtain permanent residence and UK citizenship, as the current system is not fit for purpose. We will urge the government, and use our influence with Liberal leaders in European countries, to secure the same rights for UK citizens living in European Union countries.”
  • Defending social rights and equalities: “Many important protections such as the right to 52 weeks’ maternity leave and rights to annual leave are currently based on EU law, and many of these rights have been upheld at the European Court of Justice. Liberal Democrats will fight to ensure that these entitlements are not undermined.”
  • Law enforcement and judicial co-operation: “Europol, the European Arrest Warrant and shared access to police databases have helped make Britain’s streets safer. We will fight to maintain maximum co-operation to ensure criminals are pursued quickly and effectively and police are not frustrated by huge amounts of red tape.”


The complete Liberal Democrat Manifesto is available to read at:


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