Lennart Poulsen of 9 Bedford Row International speaks at IBA & ELSA Law Students’ Conference 2016 on International Courts and Tribunals


On 12–13 November 2016, the Centre for Commercial Law Studies at Queen Mary University in London hosted a conference presented by the IBA Law Students’ Committee and the European Law Students’ Association (ELSA).

The event brought together students at different stages of their legal training to participate in sessions and vocational panels both of which were attended by a selection of guest speakers, one of which was 9BRi’s Lennart Poulsen. Lennart was the speaker for the opening session on the history and evolution of international criminal tribunals and international criminal law.

The topics covered included the following:

  • The history and structure of international courts and tribunals
  • A comparative look at the jurisdictions and admissibility criteria in international courts and tribunals
  • The politics of the International Court of Justice
  • A career in public international law
  • 14 years of the ICC: Success and failures
  • The lack of women judges in international courts and tribunals
  • The legitimacy and effectiveness of international courts and tribunals

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Image source: www.martindale.com

Text source: www.ibanet.org – 15th November 2016

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