Lawyers File Submissions on Behalf of 400 Rohingya Victims at the ICC



On 30 May 2018, submissions were filed on behalf of 400 Rohingya women and children at the International Criminal Court urging the Court to accept its jurisdiction to investigate and, if necessary, prosecute the crimes of genocide, deportation, apartheid and persecution as a result of their brutal mistreatment at the hands of the Myanmar authorities during the course of their displacement to Bangladesh and subsequently. The submissions are filed in response to the Prosecution request for a ruling on the question of jurisdiction and supports the Prosecution’s position that the Court is vested with the requisite jurisdiction.

The issue arises because whereas Myanmar is not a State Party to the Rome Statute, Bangladesh is. The victims argue that deportation, genocide, deportation, apartheid and persecution are courses of conduct that continue, today, to be perpetrated on the territory of Bangladesh, through the infliction of conditions that are calculated to destroy the Rohingya group.

Joe Holmes of 9 Bedford Row was part of a team of lawyers from Global Rights Compliance that prepared the submissions.

The victims filing can be accessed here:

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