Lawyers Against Poverty


Oxfam’s Lawyers Against Poverty enables members of the legal community to help fight poverty.

When a lawyer joins Lawyers Against Poverty and contributes to the Justice Fund, they are helping to finance targeted projects that increase access to justice and the rule of law for people across the world living in poor environments, thereby making them incredibly vulnerable.

Lawyers Against Poverty works as follows: 

1  The scheme identifies key legal projects that will make a difference to poor and vulnerable people.

2  A lawyer signs up to join Lawyers Against Poverty.

3  Once they have registered, the lawyer contributes a small regular donation, to help further the projects.

4  The Lawyer can have their say in voting for which projects Lawyers Against Poverty supports with all the donations received, and by voting for the Steering Committee.

5 The lawyer has the opportunity to get more involved if they wish, through conducting research, volunteering, and attending events.


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