Intersol Global Trains Barristers in Specialist Investigative Interviewing Techniques at 9 Bedford Row


Earlier this month, Intersol Global trained four barristers at 9 Bedford Row in specialist investigative interviewing skills. Gillian Higgins, Gary Summers, Leena Lakhani and Katie Mustard were all awarded a certificate of achievement from the Intersol Global Academy by its Global Director Mick Confrey.

Trainer Mick Confrey worked for many years as the lead, accredited interviewing advisor in the investigation of all types of crime – from the most serious to volume offences – in one of the busiest police forces in the UK. He and his team of interviewers featured in the ground-breaking BBC Eyewitness series for Open University.

Intersol Global is a unique and innovative collegiate association of award winning, world-renowned consultants, combining hundreds of years of experience of the highest quality investigation and investigative interviewing.

Intersol Global enables individuals and institutions to engage in robustly effective evidence based practice by placing ethical investigation and forensic investigative interviewing firmly at the heart of Extraordinary Case Management (ECM®).


Intersol Global deliver ECM® by providing:

o   Operational and expert witness services in the conduct of investigations and interviewing

o   Specialist services in respect of evidence gathering

o   Investigation and interviewing consultancy and associated services


Intersol Global work with institutions in the creation and development of:

o   Systems processes and procedures

o   Operational supervisory and training capabilities

o   Specialist teams to conduct investigations

o   Training staff to RQF certification standards (level 3 certificate in investigative interviewing)

o   In house and blended learning.


Intersol Global place the institution’s values and standards alongside our own at the core of a 5 stage decision-making process:

o   Listening to the requirements of the institution

o   Assessing risk and developing a strategy

o   Considering legislation, regulation and policies

o   Discussing and determining options

o   Taking joint action


Intersol Global are a SkillsFirst Recognised Awards Centre (205.001)



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Image supplied by Intersol Global

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