ICCBA Constitution and Election Results from the First General Assembly


On 30th June 2016, the International Criminal Court Bar Association (ICCBA) held its Constitutional Congress in The Hague at the International Criminal Court (ICC). The amended Constitution has been adopted by 97.5% support of the voting members.

The following day (1st July), the ICCBA held its 1st General Assembly, also at the ICC.

Mr. Jens Dieckmann, Attorney at Law from Germany and Associate Member of 9 Bedford Row International, has been elected for the Executive Council (being one of in toto 14 elected Members of the EC) as well as for the Professional Standards Advisory Committee. Mr. Dieckmann was already a Member of the ICCBA Drafters Committee and the ICCBA Interim Board which prepared the draft Constitution and the Constitutional Congress, starting in March 2015.

On the same day Mr. David Hooper QC was elected by the General Assembly to be the first President of the ICCBA.

9BRi would like to congratulate both Mr. Jens Dieckmann, Mr. David Hooper QC and all the other successful candidates who put themselves forward and got elected onto the ICCBA committees.

The newly amended ICCBA Constitution can be found by clicking the link below:


Click the following link to read the full election results from the 1st General Assembly:


To visit the official ICCBA website, click below:


Image source: www.iccba-abcpi.org

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