Human Rights Watch Publishes Report on Intimidation of Journalists and Activists in Run-up to Ugandan Elections


Human Rights Watch has published a report titled: “‘Keep the People Uninformed’: Pre-Election Threats to Free Expression and Association in Uganda.” The report focuses on how the Ugandan government and ruling party officials are intimidating and threatening activists and journalists who use the media to criticize their leadership in the run-up to the elections that are scheduled to take place on 18th February.

The Government has suspended journalists and threatened radio stations for hosting guests who air critical opinions of the ruling party, which includes members of the opposition.

In the creation of the report, Human Rights Watch conducted interviews with over 170 journalists, activists, members of political parties, government officials, in addition to witnesses of certain events that have taken place across the country.

Click the link below for a more detailed account of this story:

To read a full copy of “Keep the People Uninformed” click below:

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Text source: Human Rights Watch, January 10th 2016

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