DRC Troops Return to Goma


By Emma Miles

Government troops have re-entered Goma two days after the withdrawal of M23 rebel fighters from the city. The withdrawal of the M23 rebels came after a regional deal was struck between the parties.

However, M23 rebels have already expressed their intention to retake the city if the government fails to meet their demands within 48 hours.

A battalion of around 600 men from the DRC army will move back into Goma. Meanwhile, government officials have begun to reassert their authority after 12 days of rebel rule.

Despite the departure of the M23 group, reports have been received the rebels remain within 20 kilometres of the city and residents fear renewed clashes.

Ugandan army chief Aronda Nyakairima said that he was “completely satisfied with the implementation of the accord so far” and emphasised his belief that the rebels would retreat fully.

DRC’s Interior Minister, Richard Muyej Mangez, stated the government was ready to start talks “in the next few days”, while warning the M23 to respect the agreement to withdraw the full 20 kilometres.

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