Documents Exchanged at Syrian Negotiations in Geneva


According to the United Nations Special Envoy for Syria, Steffan de Mistura, yesterday the country’s warring parties that are taking part in the proximity negotiations in Geneva shared documents with one another summarizing the basic position of each side.

The UN Envoy revealed that the documents can be used to find if there is common ground between the side of the Syrian government and that of the opposition before the current round of talks are adjourned on Thursday before resuming at some point in April.

The Envoy said that yesterday’s the terrorist attack in Brussels, emphasized the importance of finding a resolution to the Syrian civil conflict. “We need to extinguish the fire of war in Syria,” De Mistura said. “We need to find a political solution. We need a political transition in Syria in order to make sure we can all concentrate and the Syrians can all together concentrate on what is the real danger of everyone in Europe, in the world, in Syria and elsewhere.”

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Text source: – 22nd March 2016

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