Crew Training by the Private Maritime Security Company GoAGT Ltd, Lymington


Steven Kay QC, Gill Higgins and David Hammond took part in a series of practical crew training exercises aimed at preventing acts of piracy and armed robbery at sea earlier today at Gulf of Aden Group Transits Limited (“GoAGT”) in Lymington.

Hosted by CEO Nick Davis, the team observed a series of advanced software simulated maritime emergency situations taken from existing GoATG security team training packages, in order to consider real-time command and control issues and the application of the 100 Series Rules, Rules for the use of Force (RUF) in the maritime environment. They also took part in a practical piracy simulation exercise involving simulated Somali skiff attacks in the Solent whilst transiting between Lymington and Yarmouth in order to experience first-hand, the reality of timely decision-making processes of embarked security team leaders and personnel when faced with the use of reasonable and necessary force in order to deter violence at sea as against merchant vessels.

GoAGT Ltd provides proven safe passage and ship security protection to some of the world’s largest and most respected shipping companies principally operating in the Indian Ocean, but also worldwide.

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