Colleen Rohan and Jens Dieckmann to Attend the 5th International Meetings of the Defence, Nuremberg


Two members of 9 Bedford Row International, Jens Dieckmann and Colleen Rohan, will be attending in the 5th International Meetings of the Defence, which is set to take place in Nuremberg from the 8th-10th November 2017. This event aims to be an informal gathering between various actors involved in the field of international criminal justice, coordinated by the Defence Office of the Special Tribunal of Lebanon.

Colleen and Jens are to participate in a roundtable session on Thursday 9th November. Jens will act as moderator and Colleen will give a presentation on the situation of the Defence at the Kosovo Specialist Chambers, The Hague (NL). The session is to be held in Court Room 600 of the Nuremberg Palace of Justice and will be hosted by the International Nuremberg Principles Academy‎.

For further information please read the programme, practical information guide and link which can be found below:

Event Programme

Practical Information Guide


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