Challenges Facing the ICC


By Mohammed Subhan Hussain


The case relating to the capture of al-Bashir as well as the potential withdrawal of South Africa from the International Criminal Court represent serious challenges to the ICC.

The South African government declared its withdrawal from the ICC on 19th October 2016. Nevertheless when tested in court, the judgment of the high court of South Africa specified that parliamentary approval is required before notice of withdrawal. The administration at that point repudiated the withdrawal warning on 7th March 2017. The ANC party have however reaffirmed their stance on withdrawal.

There have been continuous endeavours by the African Union to empower mass withdrawal of African states from the ICC. Much has been made of the threatened potential mass withdrawal, compliant with the aims as laid out at the 28th African Union Summit in January of this year. In the time since the summit however, countless states have reaffirmed their commitment to the ICC or have rescinded their withdrawal (such as Gambia), only adding to the disarray. Burundi is set to withdraw from the Court on 27th October 2017.

To read a more detailed account of this story courtesy of The Wire, click below:

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Text source: – 1st August 2017

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