Business and Human Rights at Sea: American University Washington College of Law webinar



“Business and Human Rights at Sea”: Supporting the Human Rights at Sea International Maritime Initiative

American University Washington College of Law Webinar

Tues 13 May 2014 1830-2030 GMT / 1330-1530 EST (US)

Register for this webinar which will examine the applicability of the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights to the maritime industry. Speakers will address the unique operating environment of the maritime industry and recently developed standards for private maritime security provision. The founder of Human Rights at Sea will be on hand to introduce his new initiative to translate the UN Guiding Principles into the maritime context.



The Human Rights in Business Program is dedicated to improving the human rights of individuals and communities worldwide who are impacted by business and economic development. HRIBP strives to identify and reinforce the positive contributions that the private sector can make towards fostering human and environmental well-being, while finding means to mitigate the more detrimental effects of economic activities on human rights protections.

HRIBP advances human rights in businesses through applied and policy relevant research on key human rights and business issues, and support of practical initiatives focused on actively channeling business activities to positively impact on human rights and the environment. HRIBP works in a collaborative fashion with businesses and their stakeholders, providing a neutral convening space to identify common ground on means to improve governance and foster rights-respecting corporate cultures. Housed within an institution of higher learning, HRIBP offers educational programs for students entering the field of human rights, professionals seeking skills development, and the general public to raise awareness on current topics and pressing issues at the nexus of human rights and business.

See: Human Rights at Sea

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