Articles Published About Missing Witnesses from Salauddin Quader Chowdhury War Crimes Trial


A number of articles have been released about the war crimes trial of Salauddin Quader Chowdhury who was sentenced to death in October 2013 for four crimes against humanity, a sentence upheld last month in the appellate division.

These articles consider the missing 26 defence witnesses, 6 of whom were witnesses from outside Bangladesh, who could not testify before the International Crimes Tribunal as the court had restricted the number of defense witnesses to 5 (after the prosecution had summonsed 41 of them.)


Click a title on the list to read the relevant article:

1. War Crimes Defence Witnesses from Pakistan Seek to Testify in B’Desh Death Sentence Case (The

2. The SQC death sentence: The ‘Missing’ 26 witnesses (part-1)

3. The SQC death sentence: Explaining the missing 26 witnesses (Part-2)

4. British Defence lawyer denies ‘manufacturing affidavits’ in war crimes trials

Image source:

Text source: David Bergman (Contributing Special Correspondent, New Age)

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