Amnesty International Criticises Reinstatement of General Alleged To Have Committed War Crimes Against Boko Haram Detainees


Amnesty International has criticized the reinstatement of Ahmadu Mohammed, a former commander of the 7 Division of the Nigerian Army. The human rights organization has accused him of committing potential war crimes following the alleged torture and execution of over 8,000 suspected Boko Haram detainees.

Mohammed was specifically accused of overseeing the killing of 640 detainees at Giwa Barracks, Maiduguri, Borno State in 2014 after Boko Haram launched an assault on the Barracks.

Later in the same year, Mohammed was retired after being accused of purposefully leading soldiers into a Boko Haram ambush. The incident resulted in the killing of more than 70 troops.

Amnesty International has described Mohammed’s reinstatement as a “monumental failure of the government to stamp out impunity for wars crimes at the highest level.”

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Text source: – 1st February 2016

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