Almudena Bernabeu of 9 Bedford Row International Selected as One of the Top Ten Female Lawyers in Spain


The political magazine Expansion has been publishing for years the list of the 100 Best Lawyers in Spain. This year, only 9 of the lawyers listed were women. The legal profession in Spain has been slowly, but dramatically transforming over the past few years and the reality is that today amongst the most prominent advocates in every field are extraordinary women. For that reason, the first women magazine in Spain, Yo Dona, decided to publish for the first time, an annual list of the 10 top female lawyers in Spain. They are all practitioners, they are partners in major law firms, they are internationally recognised and work in numerous jurisdictions, they are mothers, and they are the best lawyers in Spain. 9 Bedford Row International is honoured that Almudena Bernabeu, an associate member and an internationally recognised human rights lawyers, has been included in the list. The article (in Spanish) describes Almudena as a leader in human rights work who from California to London through Madrid fights tirelesslly to give back some dignity to the victims of human rights abuses. For more details about the article please click here

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