9BR’s Gary Summers Launches New Websites on Private Investigations and Prosecutions and Medical Defence Services



Gary Summers of 9 Bedford Row has launched two new websites that promote his legal services in the areas of private prosecutions and medical defence services.

Investigate and Prosecute offers an all-inclusive, unique private investigation and prosecution service to businesses and private individuals. The service includes the launching of investigations both in and outside of the United Kingdom, in addition to the gathering of admissible evidence for court proceedings, the preparation of private prosecutions and legal representation at court.

Click below to learn more about Investigate and Prosecute:


Health Professional Defence aims to provide specialist, streamlined, legal advice and representation to a wide variety of medical professionals who may face criminal investigation by the police, the NHS Counter Fraud Team or disciplinary proceedings by any disciplinary body or board. Health Professional Defence prepares cases and represents the interests of medical professionals in order to protect and uphold their reputations. This service provides legal support and specialist guidance at every stage, to achieve the best possible outcome.

Read more about Health Professional Defence by clicking below:


Image source: www.chambersandpartners.com

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