9BRi launch Brexit and Human Rights initiative



9BRi is to hold explanatory seminars on the human rights and criminal justice impact of Brexit.  On 29 March, the UK Government triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and the following day, published its White Paper on the Great Repeal Bill.  Mindful of the potential effects of Brexit on law reform in the UK, particularly in criminal justice and human rights, 9BRi’s barristers have scrutinised the potential human rights and criminal justice impact of the White Paper, as well as the potential changes to the UK’s ‘opt-ins’ to police and criminal justice co-operation matters since 2009.

The White Paper raises a number of questions concerning inter alia the status of secondary legislation, ECJ jurisprudence and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights following Brexit which are likely to have significant impact on individual citizens. Moreover, the status of the UK’s participation in EU measures such as those which seek to promote mutual recognition of decisions in criminal matters (e.g. the European Arrest Warrant scheme, the Directive on the European Investigation Order), equivalence of data protection standards, and police cooperation (e.g. through Europol) are all subject to negotiation. Changes to the framework of this co-operation are likely to be significant.

Given the importance of these issues, solicitors and criminal justice/human rights professionals will undoubtedly wish to be kept abreast of material developments between now, 2019, and beyond.

9BRi has therefore announced its intention to host a series of seminars and briefings on the topic, whilst blogging and publishing articles as the Article 50 negotiations develop.

Should you wish to receive further information concerning this initiative, invitations to our seminars, or related publications, please email Joshua Kern at joshua.kern@9bedfordrow.co.uk and ask to be added to 9BRi’s “Brexit, Criminal Justice and Human Rights” mailing list.

The White Paper on the Great Repeal Bill can be read by clicking the link below:



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