Vojislav Seselj Acquitted by ICTY


The Trial Chamber of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia has, today, acquitted the former Serbian Deputy Prime Minister on all counts in his indictment.

Although accompanied by a highly critical dissenting opinion, the majority of the Trial Chamber made some findings which were significant in the context of the Balkan conflict as a whole. These included a failure to find a widespread or systematic attack on a civilian population in many areas of Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina as well as a conclusion that Seselj’s support for a “Greater Serbia” was a political, not criminal, ideology. In other notable findings the Trial Chamber reprimanded the Office of the Prosecutor for the “catch-all” practice of alleging all modes of liability without regard for the specificity of the facts.

Mr. Seselj was previously convicted by the ICTY for charges relating to interference with witnesses. He did not accept the tribunal’s jurisdiction and defended himself at trial.

Image source: www.icty.org

Text source: Joe Holmes

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