Victim Participation in Proceedings of the International Criminal Court – Observations from a Counsel’s Perspective


Oxford Transitional Justice Research (OTJR), an inter-disciplinary network founded in 2007 and comprised of academics and students focusing on issues arising in relation to the transition in societies recovering from conflict, will host a seminar addressing victims participation at the ICC.

OTJR has invited Jens Dieckmann to provide an in-depth insight into the following topics:

  • What is the current concept of victim participation at the ICC?
  • What is the reality of victim participation at the ICC? – A Case Study: The situation of the victims participating in the ICC Banda Case.
  • What are the key challenges Legal Representatives are facing with the concept of victim participation at the ICC?

Jens Dieckmann, a German Lawyer and Associate 9 Bedford Row International Member, has extensive experience representing victims and is currently acting as the Common Legal Representative, Associate Counsel, of all Victims participating in the Banda case (Darfur).

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