“Unspeakable Atrocities” in North Korea


The United Nations special rapporteur on human rights in North Korea, Marzuki Darusman, has uncovered that “unspeakable atrocities” including murder, abductions, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, rape, persecution and starvation have been committed within North Korea. He holds Supreme Leader of the country, Kim Jong-un, and the highest levels of his government, responsible for these crimes against humanity.

In a report he submitted to the UN Human Rights Council, Darusman suggested that an official communication be delivered to the Supreme Leader, signed by either himself or Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

“[It should] advise him (Kim Jong-un) and other senior leaders that they may be investigated and, if found to be responsible, held accountable for crimes against humanity committed under their leadership,” Darusman wrote.

Additionally, it has also been proposed that the UN Human Rights Council should support the formation of an expert panel to reinforce accountability for rights abuses that take place within North Korea. The UN is due to address this issue in March.

“Simply calling out North Korea’s leaders for their rights abuses against their people is not enough,” said John Fisher, Advocacy Director at the Human Rights Watch office in Geneva. “The Human Rights Council should make it clear it stands with the victims of crimes against humanity committed in North Korea, and is prepared to pursue accountability and justice for as long as it takes.”

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Image source: www.mapsofworld.com

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