UN Mission in Libya has Mandate Extended until 15th June 2016


Yesterday, the United Nations Security Council extended the mandate of the UN Support Mission in Libya, otherwise known as: UNSMIL, until 15th June, to enable it to keep working with the country to establish what is being referred to as the Government of National Accord.

A deal to bring peace to Libya, ending the civil conflict which has raged since 2011, was brokered by the United Nations and signed in December of last year. The deal agreed on the creation of a unity government, made up of the Presidency Council and Cabinet supported by the other State institutions, including the House of Representatives and State Council.

In the Resolution, which was passed yesterday, the Security Council requested that the UN Secretary-General report within 60 days following consultations with the Libyan authorities on recommendations as to how UNSMIL’s can aid the next stages of Libya’s political transition process.

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Image source: www.unmultimedia.org

Text source: www.un.org – 15th March 2016

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