UN Human Rights Committee Asked to Investigate Rights Violations in South Africa


The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) has requested the United Nations Human Rights Committee to launch a probe into rights abuses allegedly taking place within the country that are said to range from xenophia to gender-based violence.

In addition to criticizing the South African government’s human rights track record, the SAHRC also condemned the state of the country’s prisons as well as the excessive force used by law enforcement officials during interactions with protesters. They made it clear that the country report submitted to the UN Human Rights Committee by the South African government was both insufficient and 14 years late.

The SAHRC said that: “Despite its lateness, much of the information contained in the report was outdated. The delay in submitting reports under UN treaty bodies comes at a time when South Africa’s commitment to upholding its obligations under international law is dubious.”

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Image source: www.publicholiday.co.za

Text source: www.iol.co.za, 7th March 2016

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