UKIP Manifesto, Brexit and Human Rights


Regarding Brexit and human rights, the UK Independence Party (UKIP) has promised the following in its 2017 General Election Manifesto:

  • “Protect religious freedoms in accordance with Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, provided those beliefs exist firmly within the framework of British law. We will not condone any faith position that is itself intolerant of the human rights of others.”
  • “UKIP will opt out of the European Arrest Warrant. The EAW is in fundamental opposition to the principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty.’ We will co- operate fully with extradition requests, but not allow British citizens to be extradited to a foreign jurisdiction for minor crimes, when there is no clear case against them, or when they are unlikely to receive a fair trial.”
  • “Repeal Labour’s Human Rights legislation and remove the UK from the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights.”
  • “Introduce a new UK Bill of Rights.”
  • “Prevent foreign criminals from entering the UK and introduce a fast-track deportation system.”
  • “There will be no amnesty for illegal immigrants. We will increase the number of immigration compliance and enforcement teams. Foreign criminals will not be granted a visa to enter the UK. Migrants who commit crimes resulting in a custodial sentence will have their visa revoked and be detained until they are deported.”
  • “UKIP will allow law-abiding EU citizens living in the UK before Article 50 was triggered the right to stay here indefinitely. We expect the same concession to be granted to British citizens living overseas within the EU.”
  • “EU nationals who entered the UK after 29th March 2017 will not have the automatic right to remain and when we leave the EU will lose access to all benefits, including non-urgent healthcare. No benefits will be paid for any dependants living overseas when we leave the EU.”


The complete UKIP Manifesto is available to read at:



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