Tika’s Story – Lawyers Against Poverty Week


A short documentary on the Oxfam Lawyers Against Poverty webpage follows the story of Tika Darlami, a woman living in Nepal who used to have serious trouble communicating with other people and becoming involved in her community due to low self-esteem.

However, as the three minute presentation illustrates, Tika was helped by WAM (Women Association for Marginalised Women), Oxfam’s key partner, to become aware of her rights as a woman. Now not only has her confidence increased but in turn her family and social lives are much healthier and more fulfilling as a result.

It is the continuing mission of Lawyers Against Poverty to provide legal support to help people like Tika, individuals born into poor environments and circumstances (be they female or male), so that like her they can improve not only their own lives but those around them as well.

Watch Tika’s story for yourself by accessing the following link:


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