The Wall and the Gate – Israel, Palestine, and the Legal Battle for Human Rights by Michael Sfard


The Wall and the Gate – Israel, Palestine, and the Legal Battle for Human Rights, is a book written by Michael Sfard which chronicles Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories from both a legal and human rights perspective.

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A farmer in the West Bank, cut off from his fields by Israel’s separation barrier, wants to petition the courts to build a gate in the wall. But while the gate would help the farmer harvest his crop, would it not also confer legitimacy on the wall itself? For Michael Sfard, pursuing justice means encountering such dilemmas on a daily basis.

This groundbreaking work examines the ethics and challenges of legal work for human rights. Recounting key cases and issues, Sfard lays bare the reality of the occupation and exposes its surreal legal structures. With emotional force and penetrating analysis, he offers both a moral reckoning with the occupation and a blueprint for a hopeful future.

Dr. Mark Ellis, Executive Director of the International Bar Association (IBA), recently wrote an in-depth review of the book for the Los Angeles Review of Books, which can be found by clicking the following link:!

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Michael Sfard is one of Israel’s leading human rights lawyers. A former conscientious objector, he received the Emil Grunzweig Human Rights Award and an Open Society Fellowship. His writing on human rights has appeared in The New York Times, Haaretz, The Independent, and Foreign Policy. He lives in Tel Aviv. –

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