Six Teenage Males Sentenced to Imprisonment for Homosexuality in Tunisia


In Tunisia last year, six teenage males were each sentenced to three years in prison for homosexuality. Tunisia’s Interior Ministry has likened the nation’s war on homosexuality to its fight against terrorism. Ministry spokesperson Walid Louguini has stated the following: “Our function is to make people respect the law, whether in an affair of customs or terrorism.”


Boutheina Karkni, the attorney for the teenagers, has said that she has appealed the ruling and will seek a reduced sentence but that she will not seek to overturn the conviction, as: “God forbids” homosexuality.

Advocates for the rights of homosexuals in the country have stated that they are searching for alternative representation for the teenagers, who they maintain are victims of an attack on their civil liberties as promised by the constitution of Tunisia.

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Text source:, 15th December 2015

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