Sentinels of Forests – Lawyers Against Poverty Week



A short film available on the Oxfam Lawyers Against Poverty webpage and the official Oxfam YouTube Channel depicts the work carried out by Oxfam India to help the adivasi, who live in the forest areas of Jharkhand, Odisha, Chhattisgarh and the Vidharbha region of Maharashtra.

Although the adivasi have lived in these locations for generations they do not in fact hold any legal rights to their land. Being a region that is mineral rich, the land gets diverted to private companies for use in power plants, mining and infrastructure projects.

The adivasi are losing access to natural resources that help them to live (e.g. food, fuel, building materials, herbs and medicinal plants), which is in turn having a negative effect on their socio, cultural and religious identity as well as their social structure.

As the following film shows, Oxfam India is working alongside various NGOs to help the adivasi to secure land rights and improve the livelihoods of their people through gaining access to their forests under the Scheduled Tribe & Other Traditional Forest Dwellers Forest Rights Act of 2006.





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