Rival Libyan Forces Show Resistance Towards UN Peace Deal


Libya’s ​rival ​parliament and government​ ​each show​ed ​reluctance towards a deal​ ​proposed by the United Nations to install a unity government that aims to bring peace to the divided country.

The General National Congress (GNC), which is based in Tripoli, refuses to discuss the proposed government until its demands are met for changes to the peace deal. Mahmud Abdel Aziz of the GNC has ​recently stated that, “this government is rejected… ​[as] ​it will deepen differences between the Libyan people.”

According to lawmaker Ali Tekbali, Libya’s internationally recognised parliament has also dismissed the UN deal, claiming that the proposed government is one of “divisions, not unity”.

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Image source: www.unmultimedia.org

Text source: Yahoo News.com – (October 12th 2015)

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