President Museveni Wants Uganda to Leave the ICC



In a recent debate, the newly-elected President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni (pictured), has said that his country should leave the International Criminal Court “because it is not serious”.

Elaborating upon this point, President Museveni said: “We are against impunity, that is why we supported the ICC but it is not serious. It is biased.” The President also questioned why the Court only puts African leaders on trial: “There are so many leaders who should have been tried but because it [ICC] is not serious they have not been tried,” stated President Museveni.

Fellow African leaders have been urged to withdraw from the ICC by Museveni. However it is worth noting that not only has the President supported the Court in the past but was in fact the first leader to refer a criminal case to the ICC.

Abed Bwanika, the People’s Progressive Party candidate, supported President Museveni’s argument and stated that Uganda should form its own justice system as an alternative option.

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Text source: – 13th February 2016

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