Paraguay Adopts ICC Law


By Mohammed Subhan Hussain

The Paraguayan parliament has accepted the implementation bill of the International Criminal Court (ICC), hoping that this will reinvigorate justice-centric advancements in domestic legislation. The bill was endorsed on 16th August 2017 after a lengthy process in the two chambers of Parliament and extensive deliberation from civil society.

By including Rome Statute violations, in addition to provisions on ICC Cooperation and standards, Paraguay is exhibiting a show of comity within the international arena. Concerted efforts with the ICC have reaffirmed Paraguay’s commitment to justice for barbaric crimes and to strengthening the Rule of Law. Under the authority of the Paraguayan Chapter of Amnesty International and its International Secretariat, NGOs such as Parliamentarians for Global Action (PGA) and the Coalition for the ICC’s International Secretariat have campaigned passionately on this matter for the last 12 years.

The passing of the bill provided a breakthrough in requesting assistance from among different partners, including Paraguayan judges, prosecutors, legal advisors and legal scholars. The Supreme Court and the Universidad de Columbia de Asunción held panel discussions and workshops which reinforced the need for vital help and support in Asunción.

To read a more detailed account of this story courtesy of Coalition for The International Criminal Court, click below:


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Text source: – 23rd August 2017




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