Ongwen Accused of War Crimes Before The ICC


Dominic Ongwen, an alleged commander in Joseph Kony’s militia, has been accused before the International Criminal Court of atrocities including torture, sexual slavery and forced cannibalism. He faces 70 charges involving war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Last week, the Court was told by Prosecutor Benjamin Gumpert that witnesses will testify that Ongwen “instructed his personal escorts to administer dreadful beatings,” forced prisoners to slaughter innocents and, on at least one occasion, “to kill, cook and eat civilians who had been abducted in attacks.” A decision as to whether or not the charges will be confirmed is awaited.

Furthermore, prosecutors also claim that in radio transmissions picked up by the Ugandan Army, Joseph Kony is heard to applaud Ongwen’s methods, using them as an example for other commanders to follow.

Meanwhile the U.S. State Department is offering $5 million for information leading to the “arrest, transfer or conviction” of Joseph Kony and other top leaders of his group.

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Text source: CNN (22nd January 2016)


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