Leaked Recordings Show Corruption in the Impeachment Battle Against President Rousseff



One of Brazil’s biggest newspapers Folha de São Paulo, released these recordings on 23rd May, between Sergio Machado (former executive in the Federal Oil company Petrobras) and now, former Planning Minister Romero Jucá, one of interim President Michel Temer’s closest allies. Sergio Machado himself is deeply involved in the Petrobras scandal and faces several accusations.

The recordings are from March this year and so far have resulted in Romero Jucá’s removal from his position as Minister. He is now back in the Senate. Many senators think that Jucá can help to secure Senate votes in the impeachment trial of President Dilma Rousseff.

Interim President Michel Temer, has stated in public, that he hopes Romero Jucá will soon return to his position as Minister.

English Translation

Portuguese Original Version





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