#JusticeMatters campaign and Facebook Page Launched by ICC to Honor the Day of International Criminal Justice (17th July 2016)


This year, the Day of International Criminal Justice (17th July 2016) is set to commemorate the 18th anniversary since the adoption of the Rome Statute on 17th July 1998. The Rome Statute is the founding treaty of the International Criminal Court (ICC), which seeks to deter people from committing genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. The day hopes to unite everyone who wishes to support justice, promote victims’ rights, and help put an end to crimes that endanger lives across the globe.

To mark this occasion the ICC is launching a new social media campaign: #JusticeMatters, which will run from 1st-17th July.

During this time, Facebook users are encouraged to submit photos as part of a contest and to ask people on their social networks to ‘like’ and share them, in a fun and positive way to spread the #JusticeMatters campaign.

To learn more, click below to read the ICC press release about the Day of International Criminal Justice:


And to join the ICC 17 July Facebook page, click the following link:


Image source: www.redcross.org

Text source: www.icc-cpi.int – 1st July 2016

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